OK, so you've got the licence, you've got the skills, how do you actually qualify?

The qualification process is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1 - theory test
  • Part 2 - practical test of your driving skills
  • Part 3 - practical test of your instructional abilities

To qualify as an ADI you must pass all three parts within two years of passing the theory test.


This is where PAUL'S DRIVING ACADEMY comes in. Were you to attempt any of the tests without training, chances are you would fail. They are not easy and pass rates are not high.


The DSA website quotes the following pass rates for April-June 2010: 
  • Part 1 - 46 %
  • Part 2 - 50 %
  • Part 3 - 33 %
But don't panic. Your training with PAUL'S DRIVING ACADEMY covers each of the three parts in great detail and you will not be put forward for any of the tests if PAUL "THE DRIVING INSTRUCTOR" HARRIS does not think you're ready.


You are limited as to how many times you can take parts 2 and 3 in any two year period so there's no point diving in when you're just not ready and risking a fail, which will dent your confidence as well as your finances.





Let's look at the three parts of the exam in more detail: