The part three test assesses your ability to pass on your knowledge to a pupil. It is split into two parts lasting half an hour each and you must pass both at the same time.


During the test, the examiner will take on the role of the pupil, first as a beginner or novice driver, then as one who is near test-standard. You will be expected to give practical driving instruction to them as though they were a real learner driver, giving clear and correct instructions, observing and correcting mistakes as appropriate and conducting the 'lesson' in a way that is relevant to the standard of pupil.


For each of the two parts, you will be given one of the following exercises to instruct on:

  • safety precautions on entering the car and explanation of the controls
  • moving off and making normal stops
  • reversing and reversing into limited openings to the right or left
  • turning the vehicle round in the road to face the opposite direction, using forward and reverse gears
  • parking close to the kerb, using forward and reverse gears
  • how to make an emergency stop and practical instruction in the use of mirrors
  • approaching and turning corners
  • judgement of speed, making progress and general road positioning
  • dealing with road junctions
  • dealing with crossroads
  • dealing with pedestrian crossings and giving correct signals in a clear and unmistakable manner
  • overtaking, meeting and crossing the path of other road users, allowing adequate clearance