In recent times there has been a massive increase in large corporate companies promising the world when it comes to your new career. Largely these companies offer a one-size-fits-all range of courses which aren't tailored to YOU at all but cost the same regardless. I know of many people who have spent thousands without gaining any qualifications.


With PAUL'S DRIVING ACADEMY things are different...


All the training offered by PAUL'S DRIVING ACADEMY is 100% tailored to suit YOU and YOUR needs, not those of Mr or Mrs Average-Driver, and all your tuition is on a one-to-one basis.

I am a "one man band" so you are guaranteed continuity and, very importantly, consistency in your training.

You will not need to spend a penny on training/theory aids as I provide all the required material FREE OF CHARGE. This includes:

  • All the questions and the hazard perception DVD for the Part 1 theory test
  • All the required visual aids for the Part 2 test of driving ability
  • All the training material required for the Part 3 test of instructional ability

I do ask that they are returned in good condition at the end of your training though!


Before any bookings are made I will carry out an assessment drive, which will enable me to give you an idea of how many hours training you are likely to need. It simply isn't possible to do this without seeing you drive as skills and abilities vary so dramatically from person to person.


 I can then arrange your training to suit you. I work evenings and weekends, not just Monday to Friday, so training can be worked around your current commitments. I offer a number of options:

  • Pay as you go - quite simply, call up and book whenever you fancy a lesson. Handy if it isn't possible to plan well in advance.
  • Weekly - book a regular date and time for training each week.
  • Semi-intensive course - a structured course set over a number of weeks whereby you will do training in half-day blocks. As the name suggests it's intensive but the results come quick!
  • Fully-intensive course - same as the semi-intensive but training is done in full day blocks. In theory it's twice as intensive but takes half the time!

And so we come to the cost, no doubt what everyone's really interested in!! I charge an hourly rate of £35, which applies to all types of training. I do not demand huge sums of money up front, you simply pay for the training you have as and when you have it.

If you wish to make a booking with PAUL THE DRIVING INSTRUCTOR and PAUL'S DRIVING ACADEMY, please contact me.