Be honest, how good is your driving? When was the last time your driving was put under the microscope by someone in the know? Would you pass today's driving test?

 Ever had a 'near-miss' or a 'close call'? Almost without doubt it could have been avoided. But how? Ever found yourself having to jump on the brakes or swerve at the last minute? Ask yourself why. These incidents are more often than not down to poor observation and planning.

 Every day people lose their lives on UK roads and scores are injured. Almost all road accidents are caused by or involve human error.


If you're a keen and responsible driver, why not consider advanced driving tuition? It's probably been a few years since you passed your test so you should now be comfortable within your car. In fact driving probably seems second nature to you now! But there's a whole other level that will truly open your eyes to what's going on around you.

 Advanced driving is generally based around the Police driving manual 'Roadcraft' and will make you a safer driver, a smoother driver and consequently you will find driving can be enjoyable.


Advanced driving lessons also make a great gift.


Please contact me if you'd like more info and let me tell you how Paul The Driving Instructor can take your skills to the next level.