Some of the feedback from customers of Paul The Driving Instructor...

I first started training with a large well known driving school. I was promised a franchise at the end and that I would receive my training fees back in the form of a discount on the franchise.

Right from the get go I had issues. I'd paid a lot of money for training on the Part 1, however in return I only received a book and a cd - no training was given and it was a complete waste of money. Half way through the training, I was told that the £3000 franchise discount was no longer available and they would be reducing it to £1200. It didn't stop there. Half way through my Part 3 training, which I was struggling with, I was told by my trainer that I was not where I should be and told to go away and practice. I was left to find the equipment and someone to practice with, which was a struggle. I eventually found someone and foolishly returned back to the trainer and was pressured into taking the Part 3 exam. I failed badly and on the way back from the test I was told that he was no longer able to offer me training and that I should take the exam again but in my own car.

I of course ignored him and sought advice from local ADI's. They recommended Paul and right from the beginning it was very apparent that I should have gone with Paul from the beginning. His training was on a complete different level; he was very reliable, worked around me and helped me regain confidence in myself.

I was on the brink of walking away due to my first bad experience and if it was not for Paul I would not be where I am now - an approved driving instructor.

Motoring 2 Day


I trained with Paul after spending thousands of pounds with a big company and getting nowhere. I found he was very thorough in his teaching and also supportive of me after I passed. I would recommend him to anybody.

Donnas School Of Motoring


I was training with Red, which I found frustrating as, due to work commitments, it was really difficult to get lessons. I had previously failed a Part 3 and was left totally unconfident.

When Paul was recommended to me I wasn't aware how much more I needed to learn to get through a really difficult test. I continued training with Red with additional training from Paul. I then found the Red instructor was asking questions about how I had been taught by  Paul and was impressed - so I stop training with Red.

With the support and excellent knowledge that Paul taught me I got through my Part 3. I'm really grateful he was recommended to me and thankful I got taught to a really high standard.

I've now been an ADI for a couple of years and still use all the information that was taught by Paul.

Vicky Michaels
Vrooom School Of Motoring


After initially training with Red I started my first lesson as a PDI with Paul Harris. Not knowing much about him I was told by an acquaintance how he'd helped and trained him to pass his Part 3 test. I remember being a bit nervous and worrying if my past lesson plans would be good enough. Paul, being the professional he is, soon sorted me out leaving me so much more positive. I improved so much more with the training I had from Paul and I must say we did have some fun along the way!

The training I received from Paul, without a doubt was fantastic. I would never have qualified through Red. Paul was always firm but fair - if he had not been I would never have made it. How I conduct my lessons and myself is all down to him and I never forget my training; from how I think to the way I dress and present myself. I got a grade 4 on my first check test but my aim is to one day be a grade 6 instructor as good as Paul.

I myself have now been qualified nineteen months and still ring Paul and ask questions from time to time and he will always have the answer. He is not just a professional instructor; to me he has become a very good friend. I will go as far as to say he is an ambassador to the driver training industry.

If you want to succeed as an instructor - don't hesitate - ring Paul!

Ray Giles


I found Paul Harris to be a professional, patient and knowledgeable instructor.

He provided a full range of study materials in preparation for each session and offered positive feedback to aid my learning.

I would recommend Paul to any prospective ADI pupil.

Larry Fowler ADI



Your experience, dedication and commitment to road safety, together with the confidence and ability to portray a wide diversity of pupils and your endless patience and encouragement was the sole reason I was able to qualify as an ADI.

Once again, many thanks.

Chris Rose


In July of last year I contacted Paul to help me become a fully qualified ADI (approved driving instructor). Before this I had had very few lessons as a PDI and was completely in the dark about how much there was to learn, just in the first lesson alone. However thanks to Paul I very quickly picked up the basics of what was expected of me.

Paul always encouraged me to achieve the best that I could without pushing me too hard or making me feel that I was out of my depth. His training techniques are very professional and helpful and he always explains things in full and in a way that makes it easy to learn and remember. Because of this, in February 2011 I achieved a grade 4,5 in my part 3 exam on the 1st attempt, becoming one of the youngest ADI's in the country, which is a very difficult thing to achieve.

I believe the reason this was possible was because of Paul's ability to teach - especially as I was a complete beginner when he started to teach me. My personal opinion on Paul himself is that he is a very friendly and approachable person whilst still being able to keep up a professional level of instruction.

In total Paul was teaching me to become an ADI for 7 months, however in this time I was unable to drive for 3 months due to a broken hand, which meant I had to postpone my test for nearly four months. During this period Paul would often come out of his way to pick me up for my lessons so I could still complete my training.

I would recommend Paul to anybody that wants to get into the profession because of his ability to teach at the very highest level.

Richard Taylor ADI



After failing my part 2 and feeling that I may never be able to become a driving instructor I found Paul's services by chance via the internet and I am very glad that I did. With his wealth of experience within the industry he helped guide me through my Part 2 and 3.

Four years on and I run my own successful driving school and I doubt that without Paul's help I would be in the position that I am today - I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Gavin Hale


Hi Paul, I just wanted to say a few words of thanks for the great ADI training I received from you.

As you know, I started my journey to become a fully qualified ADI with Red and after parting with around £3.5k to them I got nowhere fast and failed miserably after almost two years of wasted time.

Quite by chance I was then recommended to you and oh boy what a change - your lessons were fun as well as being structured and effective. In effect I had to start all over again, but with your easy 'pay as you go' system and regular one to one lessons (something I didn't get with Red) I soon became more confident and was able to pass Part 3 in September 2011, gaining my ADI license."

I would recommend anyone who is contemplating becoming an ADI to forget the large organisations and seek the expertise of Paul Harris.

Peter Jubb
Driveme-Crazy Driving School



I had two other trainers before I finally met up with Paul. It was my last chance to pass Part 3. Paul proved to be exactly what I needed. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient and thorough and was very good at varying his teaching techniques to suit me. He knew when to push and when to ease off. To be honest, I doubt there are many better trainers in the country. A Grade 6 Instructor, former examiner and all round good person! Without any doubt, I would never have passed Part 3 without his expertise. Eighteen months on and Paul still remains a phone call away if ever I need any tips on improving my own teaching techniques.

It's as simple as this, if you want to become a Driving Instructor, then your search for a trainer is over: Paul Harris is your man!

Sean Hayes