Before you consider handing over your (or someone else's!) hard-earned money for driving lessons or instructor training, I think it's only fair that you know who you're handing it over to and why they're qualified to be taking it in the first place.


So here's a quick run down of me and my background...



 I am Paul Harris and I have been involved in the driver training industry for most of my working life - twenty-eight years and counting! After all those years I am naturally very passionate about the industry and I take great pride in my work training people of all ages, genders, cultures and backgrounds to become safe drivers and skilled driving instructors.

Over the years I have built a reputation for high quality driving tuition and I have always stood by my principals that no one should be put forward for a driving test unless they are truly ready, not just to pass the test but to drive safely on Britain's roads. You won't get any "learn to drive in a week - guaranteed pass" nonsense from me, my goals are safe drivers not a quick turnover.

All Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) are check-tested at least every few years and given a grade according to their performance. As of March 2013 there were around 45,000 ADIs in the UK and of those only 2,575 (less than 6%) are Grade 6. The majority of ADIs are Grade 4 (47%) or Grade 5 (32%) and the rest are Grades 1-3, which effectively means they require further training and re-testing.

I am therefore very proud to say I am one of the few top-grade, Grade 6 driving instructors and have been so for most of my career as an ADI.

And take a look at my last check test report sheet...

... there's probably even fewer driving instructors who can boast a 'perfect score' on their check test!!




In my early years after leaving school I worked as a mechanic in my native Berkshire and carried on this trade for several years, including running my own businesses. I put away the spanners and qualified as an ADI in 1989 whilst living in West Wales and successfully established Paul's Driving Academy. In 1992 I moved with my family cross-country to Norfolk and had to start afresh and re-build Paul's Driving Academy from the ground up.


Paul's Driving Academy became a huge success over the coming years boasting a very high pass rate and getting hundreds, if not thousands, of first-time drivers on the road.

In 2003 I made a life-changing decision to take on the grueling challenge of the 4-week Cardington Driving Examiner course. It was hard going, to say the least, but I passed and had to turn my back on Paul's Driving Academy to take up a post as a DSA Driving Examiner.

From 2007 on I began concentrating my efforts on Instructor Training and have had great success in coaching new instructors through the ADI Part 1, 2 and 3 tests.

Old habits die hard though and before long I re-qualified as an ADI and hopped back in the learner driver training hot seat - and I'm pleased to say that Paul's Driving Academy is as strong as ever! 



Private Life:

I live in Bury St Edmunds with my wife, Sue. We have three grown up children (all of whom I taught to drive) and three grandchildren.

Away from work I enjoy playing Squash and Racketball. In the summer I love my motorbikes and have been on several trips around Europe, including Spain, France, Andorra and Germany, with friends and family. I enjoy travelling and am not ashamed to admit that I enjoy a few holidays throughout the year - work hard, play hard!





So that's me.


Now, back to business! To find out more...