Regardless of what standard you are at when you come to me your lessons will be professionally structured to meet your own individual needs. Nothing is set in stone and we can be flexible with the lesson plans.


There is a syllabus that must be covered before you can be considered ready for the driving test and at the end of each lesson you will be given a comprehensive report in the form of a Pupil Log Book, which will illustrate your progress.


The syllabus covers aspects of driving such as; Controls (accelerator, brake, clutch, steering, gears, handbrake); Moving Off (level, uphill, downhill); Road Positioning; Emergency Stops; Use Of Mirrors and Signals; Dealing With Junctions - to name but a few.


To help with your progress you will be provided with study material for revision in between lessons. I provide ALL the material you will ever need to study for, and pass, your theory test, including the CD ROM/DVD to prepare you for the hazard perception element - you will not need to purchase these separately.


When you have reached test standard I will conduct a full mock driving test. As an ex-DSA Driving Examiner I am able to make this as close to the real thing as possible, which should give you a huge advantage on the big day. The mock test will include the 'show me, tell me' elements and a forty-minute assessed drive, including the ten-minute 'independent drive', which was brought in October 2010.


The purpose of this mock test is to simulate and prepare you for driving test conditions and give you an idea of what to expect on test day. To find out more about the practical test, check here.