I offer lessons 7 days a week, evenings and weekends so regardless of your own commitments I'm sure we'll find a convenient time for your lessons.


I offer various options as far as the structure of the lessons goes, from casual to intensive and semi-intensive courses. My hourly rate is £30.00 and minimum lesson length is 2 hours (you learn a lot more!)


  • Pay as you go - quite simply, call up and book whenever you fancy a lesson. Handy if it isn't possible to plan well in advance.
  • Weekly - book a regular date and time for training each week.
  • Semi-intensive course - a structured course set over a number of weeks whereby you will do training in half-day blocks. As the name suggests it's intensive but the results come quick!
  • Fully-intensive course - same as the semi-intensive but training is done in full day blocks. In theory it's twice as intensive but takes half the time!

If you would like to make a booking with PAUL THE DRIVING INSTRUCTOR and PAUL'S DRIVING ACADEMY, please contact me.