I guess the first question has to be: Why become an ADI? What's so great? If you're thinking of making this a new career it's only right that we talk about what it has to offer.



 As a driving instructor you can be your own boss. Imagine, no more 9 to 5, hour for lunch, rush hour there, rush hour back, routine, routine, routine, one dreary day after another.

Why not start at 6 and finish at 2? Or start at 10, finish at 8? Don't work at all… it's your choice! We all have bills to pay so unfortunately, so there's no getting away from work completely, but at least you can be flexible with it.

How about a change of scenery? Your pupils will come from anywhere you advertise. No more sitting at the same desk in the same office with the same people. A different face in a different place every couple of hours.

Have you thought about how this could benefit home and family life? The extra flexibility gives you greater freedom to do the things you and your family want to do.


Driving lessons today cost anything from £18-25 per hour so, as an established driving instructor, a salary of £30k + is easily achievable. Put in some hard work, become the best and you'll reap the rewards financially.

There's always the option of becoming part of a franchise. You'll pay a weekly fee but your tuition car is provided and maintained and you just pay for the fuel.

Job Satisfaction

Remember how you felt when you first got your driving licence? Imagine the beaming smile of your pupil who's just got their own licence, because of your hard work, dedication and skills. That's job satisfaction for sure.

Job Security

So long as there is a driving test, people will need driving lessons. With the minimum expected standard of driving being so much higher, gone are the days when a quick lesson from a friend or family member was enough to get you through the test. A professional driving instructor is now a must for the constant stream of learner drivers.


Well there's a few reasons why being a Driving Instructor is so great. There are more, but I'd say the ones I've mentioned are the main ones.