As you're still reading I guess you're still interested! But what sort of person do you need to be? What skills do you need?

Driving Ability

It goes without saying you need to be an extremely good driver. Put simply, if you're not, you won't qualify.


Enthusiasm for driving and road safety is a must. You're not just there to get people through a  driving test, you're there to turn them into safe and competent drivers.



As with anything, people learn how to drive at different rates. You will encounter pupils with a natural ability for driving and those who don't know their left from their right. You'll need patience and more patience if you're going to pass on your skills and develop both types of people into top notch drivers.

Ability To Teach

You'll be a teacher so obviously need teaching skills and knowledge of how people learn. Again, people learn in different ways and it's down to you to recognise this and adapt your methods accordingly.


Have you spotted the hazard up ahead? Has your pupil? Have they reacted to it? How have they reacted? Did they check over their shoulder during that reversing manoeuvre? Did they check their mirror just then? You will be observing the road and your pupil for the entire lesson. You can't afford to miss a thing and must be ready to react in a split second, either verbally or physically.

Sense Of Humour

Some of your pupils will be extremely nervous and there will be some hair raising moments out on the road. You'll need a sense of humour to keep the atmosphere calm and relaxed and make those nervous pupils comfortable enough to learn.

Knowledge Of The Car


Part of your job will require you to explain things like how gears and steering work and demonstrate basic vehicle maintenance checks so you'll need some mechanical knowledge.